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Seasonal Tournament Rulesets Empty Seasonal Tournament Rulesets

Post  SirJeivus on Wed May 16, 2012 3:17 am

Platform: Tetris Battle

Ruleset 4 - Neo Ruleset
-First to 5 wins. If it is 4-4, just whoever reaches 5 first wins
-Seeding done by sprint time
-People may only join two tournaments a season, to make room for other members. This may be changed in the future if we lack contestants.
-Top 8 players advance to an invitational
-Double elimination
-32 players
-Bombs ON

Q1) How do I find my opponent?
A1) Contact him through FB or this forum, add him and/or send him a private message on FB or this forum

Q2) What if I cannot reach him in time/he does not reply me/did not show up on time to the match.
A2) Send me a copy of the chatlog or screenshot it and send it to me. Then he will be disqualified.

Q3) What if my opponent uses items?
A3) Take a screenshot (print screen) and Control+V it onto paint and submit it to this forum. Offender, if proven guilty, will be disqualified. A video would be better in proving your case (ie: Camstudio).

Q4) Am I allowed to use the "infinite looping" trick? ie: delay my KO by continuously spinning a mino?
A4) No, that is considered poor sportsmanship and a chat log + screenshot will lead to a disqualification.

Q5) What if my opponent lags out or rage quits a match?
A5) Rage quits: He forfeits the match. Lag out: Opponent loses that round, but not the match.

Q6) How do I report the score?
A6) Multiple ways. In the tournament thread, post like this (example):

[You vs Opponent], [score], [who won] <- format popularized in the Taiwan community
es2mac vs SirJeivus, 9:7, es2mac won.

[Winner - Winner's Score:Loser's Score - Loser] <- format popularized in the HD community
iHotShotGG 7:3 tfn

[Winner over Loser, score]
SirJeivus over heborisMAI, 11-0 (Don't I wish, lol)

Q7) Do I need to have a minimum sprint time to play?
A7) This game is open to anyone! However, if you ask me personally, I'd suggest at least under 1 minute for this competition. Most players in the past are in the 40-50 second range.

Q8) What skill level do I need to have to play?
A8) Again, open to anyone regardless of skill level. I think though if you can average 50APM in 2 minutes in a live match you should be okay.


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