Tetris Battle Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

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Tetris Battle Tournament Frequently Asked Questions Empty Tetris Battle Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

Post  SirJeivus on Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:32 pm

I complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions I get. Please read before asking me!

Q1) How do I find my opponent?
A1) Contact him through FB or this forum, add him and/or send him a private message on FB or this forum. It is your responsibility to find your opponent, not mine.

Q2) What if I cannot reach him in time/he does not reply me/did not show up on time to the match.
A2) Send me a copy of the chatlog or screenshot it and send it to me. Then he will be disqualified. This must be done within 24 hours of the due date though, and please be courteous and let me know ASAP if there are problems scheduling a match. Coming to me last minute will either lead to both of you being disqualified, or me flipping a coin to see who advances.

Q3) What if my opponent uses items?
A3) Take a screenshot (print screen) and Control+V it onto paint and submit it to this forum. Offender, if proven guilty, will be disqualified. A video would be better in proving your case (ie: Camstudio).

Q4) Am I allowed to use the "infinite looping" trick? ie: delay my KO by continuously spinning a mino?
A4) No, that is considered poor sportsmanship and a chat log + screenshot will lead to a disqualification.

Q5) What if my opponent lags out or rage quits a match?
A5) Rage quits: He forfeits the match. Lag out: Opponent loses that round, but not the match.

Q6) How do I report the score?
A6) Multiple ways. In the tournament thread, post like this (example):

[You vs Opponent], [score], [who won] <- format popularized in the Taiwan community
es2mac vs SirJeivus, 9:7, es2mac won.

[Winner - Winner's Score:Loser's Score - Loser] <- format popularized in the HD community
iHotShotGG 7:3 tfn

[Winner over Loser, score]
SirJeivus over heborisMAI, 11-0 (Don't I wish, lol)

Q7) Do I need to have a minimum sprint time to play?
A7) This game is open to anyone! However, if you ask me personally, I'd suggest at least under 1 minute for this competition. Most players in the past are in the 40-50 second range.

Q8) What skill level do I need to have to play?
A8) Again, open to anyone regardless of skill level. I think though if you can average 50APM in 2 minutes in a live match you should be okay.

Q9) Am I allowed to play round 2, even though its currently round 1?
A9) Yes, the sooner you play the matches, the better.

Q10) What kinds of recording software are available?
A10) Myriad of types out there. Camstudio, Camtasia, Fraps, or the like. Google is your best friend.

Q11) My opponent is not rank 100, does this matter?
A11) No, because handicaps can be removed now, making tournament organization easier.

Above all, please use common sense and make an effort to read the material I posted. I spent a lot of time and did some heavy research to keep things streamlined.


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