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Activity decrease on my part Empty Activity decrease on my part

Post  SirJeivus on Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:11 pm

Hi everyone,!/Jeivus

As mentioned here, I will be taking a long break from Tetris as well as any community-related activites to Tetris. For those of you who visit this forum regularly, I will be providing some sort of explaination.

Right now, I'm in a job that is related to my field but given some role changes with my supervisors, I am now doing less relevant work and this has given me lack of job satisfaction. However, I am too lazy to find some alternate work and my parents are simultaneously pushing me to pursue my Masters degree. I have agreed to do so long time ago, but I want to work one more year to obtain my Professional Engineering certification.

In addition, I have taken up private tutoring teaching Math K-12, Chem 11-12, Physics 11-12 and lesson preparation and such takes time to create. I also edit a Ph.D student's papers regularly on biofuel extraction on a weekly basis.

Lately I've been playing Killing Floor. I'm much more addicted to this game compared to Tetris because for the past 3 weeks I've played Killing Floor until 7AM straight without sleep. I've not done that with Tetris, Maple Story, Gunbound, or any other game I've invested a non-trivial amount of time in.

Probably the first step I need to do is quit Killing Floor. Then I need to figure out what I'm going to do with my current job, which should be resolved this week as I scheduled a meeting with my primary supervisor. Then, after that, be a bit more active with applying to schools.

I have too much on my plate, and unfortunately I have to severely decrease my time with the Tetris communities I've been involved with. Now, severely decrease is not equal to "quit entirely". But the mods here may have to fill a more primary role here.

I apologize for my absence.



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