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Mino District Code of Ethics Empty Mino District Code of Ethics

Post  SirJeivus on Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:25 pm

Hi, and welcome to Mino District. There are some posting rules you have to abide by here to keep this a clean and friendly community. We do not want anyone to have a negative experience here.

General Courtesy

  • No swearing, insulting, flaming or harassing other members in posts or PMs
  • No posting anything of pornographic or sexually explicit nature
  • No spamming forum topics. This includes asking for coins or gifts in TB.

Basically, treat others how you want to be treated

To fully enjoy your experience here, we recommend that:
  • You type with proper English, or with the best of your ability if English isn't your primary language
  • Try to use the forum's search engine to see if your Topic's already been discussed or answered
  • Try to ask a more informed question. Just asking "Teach me how to T-spin" does not give us much to go by. Instead, ask it like "I have zero knowledge of T-spins, how should I approach learning it?"
  • Be constructive with your replies. Criticism for the sake of criticism is never good.

I (SirJeivus) personally have a low tolerance for trolls, non-constructive comments and people who consciously cause trouble. The following is a sample set of types of punishments given.

Non-constructive comments: Sarcasm, belittling, etc. One warning, then 1 week ban. Continued counts of this action result in longer bans.
Swearing: Swear words used directly at a person (ie: you are a ****) or used as an adjective (What a ****-ing stupid person) will result in 1 week bans without warning. Don't say it is during the heat of an argument, you have a choice to click that send button. A second infraction leads to a permanent ban.
Posting Spam or Pornography: Instant perma-ban
Member attacks: Subjective. This will be discussed between the moderators and administrators. If it's "slight", we would demand a public apology. If the guilty party refuses, 1 week ban. Continued counts of this action will result in longer bans.

Thanks for taking the time to read.



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